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Over the years Martin Bravo has built a name for itself within the guitar community. Starting at B.C. Rich in 1977, Martin initiated his career at the age of 17, sweeping saw dust and wood chips in the wood shop. As the years went by Martin was taught to build guitars from bare wood to high powered music machines. Although Martin knew the basics of building he became especially fond of painting. Mixing paint and expanding his array of colors became his passion.

As the years progressed, Martin moved into B.C. Rich's custom shop. Soon after Martin moved to Valley Arts, working there throughout their entire tenure until Sammick took the company to Tennessee. Martin then went on to work for Yamaha's Custom shop, James Tyler Guitars, and Thorn Custom Guitars.

In 2006, Martin decided to open up his own repair shop. The new shop allowed him to build relations with artists, builders, collectors, and everyday musicians to create unique instruments. This shop is now known as Bravos Custom Guitars. 

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