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Paint Services :

- Guitar Body Refinish  OR

  Neckthrough Guitar Refinish :

   Finish types : Lacquer - Poly - Satin - Matte - Oil 

   Variety of Color types :  Solid, Metallic, Bursts, Natural, Transparent Colors

     Any factory color or Custom Color can be made. Custom colors are our expertise

      * No Metal Flake *

   Guitar Body : $350 - $450 

   Neckthrough Guitar : $750 - $950 

      Price varies between color and finish type. Submit info on quote button to          

      receive accurate quote


- Guitar Neck Finish : $150 - $175

   Natural or Amber- Heavy Amber or solid color

   Matching Headstocks

- Custom Graphics

   - Custom designed

   - Hand Painted, Air brushed, or graphic decal

- Relics :

   Light to heavy relics

   Aging Hardware

   Checking/ Cracks

   Dull Clear Coat

- Aged Finish :

   Gives yellow effect on paint similar  to those on vintage guitars

- Decal install w/ clear coat

- Clear coat over autographs

- Minor touch ups

- Dents and scratch removal

   Light or Heavy damage  Give us a challenge

- Clear coat over fretboard

*For prices not listed on options please inquire in the form below as price varies on the service*

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