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Repair Services:

*Price varies on damage severity, inquire for accurate quote*

- Headstock Repair

- Bridge Repair

- Binding Repair

- Plug holes (finish over plugged holes included)

- Inlay replacement

- Pickguard replacement

- Nut replacement

Neck Reset

- Strap button damage

- Lifted Tops

- Cracked Guitar Body ACOUSTIC or ELECTRIC ( Top, Head, Sides, Neck Joint)

- Chipped or dented Headstock

-  Cracked or decaying finishes

- Broken Acoustic Braces

- Veneer replacement

- Warped FretBoard

- Fretboard replacement

- Fret Replacement

- Damaged Electronics (pots, switches, jack, pickups)

Pickup routing

- Rosette replacement/ Repair

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